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Our Methods Vary and Include

Traditional Paint coats

The process involves adding a new fresh coat of paint to revive the color of your car and fix any surface scratches. You can expect after this a car that truly shines and looks spotless.

Cosmetic Car Fixes

In case you had an accident with dents, scratches, and dings that go a tad beyond paint simply sliding off, our fully skilled technicians will fix them using the advanced tools and methods which will make your car ready to hit the road.

Paintless Dent Repairs

If your car’s exterior has only a few tiny scratches and marks, we can fix them using a special Paintless Dent Repair technique which is fully restorative and affordable. This is a method that utilizes special tools to pull out the dents on a car’s surface without interfering on the general paint.

Windshield fixes

Since any frontal accident leaves your car prone to windshield damage, we can definitely help restore and protect it from further damage. We can also collaborate with most insurance firms to make the windshield replacement flawless.

Full car, truck and other vehicle repairs

No matter how big or small your vehicle is, we can handle it. We have been servicing vehicles of all kinds–from small cars to trucks, tractors, semis and even small boats. Thanks to our special coats and methods, we can restore your vehicle to perfection and protect it from harsh environmental elements like sun, wind, and rain. If you are operating oversized vehicles, no need to worry as we can handle it.

Spray bed lining

In work trucks or family cars bed damages are quite common. We at Devotion Mobile Auto Body Repair Service can aid in enhancing its protection by keeping the bed lining intact so it gains a strong and durable surface, ready for heavy-duty work or family trips across the country.

Color Sanding paint and buffing

A successful body restoration or maintenance task is the result of hard, skilled work and advanced tools and methods, before, during and after the restoration process. If you attempted a paint job yourself or if a previous professional paint job has left your car with some dirt nibs or other imperfections, we can apply a color sanding paint and buffing process to make it look invisible.

Rust damage repair

Is your vehicle damaged by rust? If you have an older vehicle, exposure to harsh elements outside can aggravate rust and make your car’s exterior look old and outdated. We can help refresh its appearance and give an end to unsightly dust damage and holes using both advanced sanding, paint and paintless methods. The result will be a totally rust-free looking car that’s also rust-resistant, thanks to the addition of special protective layers.


No 1: The kickstart step in the auto body repair service process we initiate is assessing the degree of damage to your car’s vehicle. Throughout this stage, we will check and evaluate all the components of your car’s exterior–windshields, windows, doors, heads, hoods, mirrors, fenders, radiators, trunk lids and others for any signs of damage. That way, our expert mechanic can give you a clearer picture on the extent of damage and an estimate quote.

No 2: Once your plan and quote are ready, an expert member of our team will either look out for existing tools and equipment to repair the damage if it’s minor or order the right tools to fix the damage. The whole process may involve full replacement of exterior car body parts. The exact method and tools utilized depend on the type and severity of the damage. In most minor cases, the time we’ll take to complete this will take only a few hours however, more serious damages may take one day or more.

No 3: After we perform the necessary restorations, we will also make sure that your car’s exterior looks spotless from a cosmetic angle. The process includes paint coating or paintless coating to fix any minor scratches. We will also make sure that any new components added match the appearance of your car’s exterior.

No 4: Now that we enter the final stage, and all the main damaged components are restored and blend seamlessly with your car’s exterior, we are going to do a final check and make sure that everything works nicely. We are also going to clean and polish your car to perfection a few minutes before we hand it to you. Expect a totally spotless and shiny car that you can drive and flash out in confidence!

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